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  • Municipal waste management cost and fee schemes
    Municipal waste management cost
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  • Circular Economy in Mexican Agribusiness
    The questionnaire supported hypotheses based on the Stakeholder Theory. It was proposed that the stakeholder pressures have an effect in the performance of the Mexican Agribusiness. The object of the study was the employees of Agribusiness in the northwest of Mexico. The data included sociodemographic variables and five constructs. The sociodemographic variables recollected in the instrument are gender (GEN), and years of experience (EXP). The scale of gender was 1 for female and 2 for male. The variable years of experience was a ratio variable on years. The constructs were stakeholder pressure (DSI16-DSI20), circular economy principles (PRAC31-PRAC40), economic performance (REF1 to REF10), environmental performance (PADI21-PADI30), and intellectual/social performance (DSI11-DSI15). These constructs were measured with a 5-point Likert scales (1-not at all to 5- significant).
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  • Supplementary material for: The day after: newly-elected politicians and the use of accounting information
    Theoretical framework and financial data associated with the article: Guarini E. (2016) "The day after: newly-elected politicians and the use of accounting information" published in Public Money & Management, 36(7), pp. 499-506
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  • Waste management cost of Italian municipalities
    Waste management cost, total waste generated, share of sorted waste and population of 4341 Italian municipalities. Reference year: 2019. type of waste: municipal solid waste
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  • A Review of Conflict and Cohesion in Social Relationships in Family Firms
    The literature on conflict and cohesion in social relationships in family firms has developed rapidly in recent decades. To take stock and provide directions to move this flourishing research area forward, we conduct a systematic review of the literature. We examine the prevailing conceptualizations of conflict and cohesion in social relationships in family firms, depict their drivers and outcomes, highlight their theoretical and empirical underpinnings, and propose an ontological framework to synthesize this large body of research. Drawing on our review, we identify some important research gaps and suggest fruitful directions for future research.
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