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  • Benthic foraminifera as proxy for fossil seagrass from the Lower Pleistocene deposits of the Stirone River (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) - Raw Data
    This dataset contains the raw data resulting from the picking of benthic foraminifera within the Pleistocene deposits of the Stirone River (Emilia-Romagna, Italy). The aim of this project is to test foraminifera as Indirect Palaeo-Seagrass Indicators (IPSIs). Foraminiferal analyses, based on these data, focused on two different biofacies: a Thalassinoides biofacies, characterised by an oligotypic assemblage (samples R) and a Pinna biofacies, that shows high biodiversity and represents an infralittoral soft bottom colonised by marine phanerogams (samples S). Several indexes have been calculated using these data, such as the IndexEP, the modified FORAM index (FI’), the “long vs. short life-span index” (ILS), and the K/REXT (keeled/rounded morphotypes). Morphotype-based analysis has been provided, too. Among the tested indexes, the latter (K/REXT) proved to be the most reliable IPSI, considering also the presence of morphotype A*, permanently attached, encrusting foraminifera and the abundance of Rosalinidae.
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  • CrBr3
    Electron spin resonance data on a single Crystal of CrBr3 recorded as function of the temperature and crystal rotation. Information about magnetic anisotropy, 2D dimensionality were exctracted from the analysis of the resonance field, resonance linewidth and ESR intensity.
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  • CrSBr_esr
    Electron spin resonance data on a single crystal of CrSBr as function of the temperature and applied field direction.
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  • Superoxo complexes on SACs for OER
    The present superoxo_complexes.tar.gz file contains the optimized structures of the end_on and side_on oxygen complexes on TM@4N-Gr at the PBE or PBE+U level of theory.
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  • DFT+U structures of SACs for HER
    The present tar.gz files contain the optimized structures of TM bound to N-doped graphene and to a Carbon double vacancy in graphene, TM@4N-Gr.tar.gz, and TM@DV-Gr.tar.gz, respectively.
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  • Dropen_V01
    Dropen is a fully automatic drop image analysis software in order to study the wetting properties of solid surfaces. It also includes the manual selection and fitting approaches. This software is developed in MATLAB using GUIDE. Regarding the identification of contact points two approaches are provided in Dropen: 1. Automatic: determines the left and right contact points automatically using a precise image processing code; 2. Manual: let the user select the left and right contact points manually by pushing the “Manual selection” button. In the case of the wrong selection of contact points the software let the user try two more times without a need to push the “Manual selection” button again. Regarding the contact angle measurement, the software provides a fully- automatic convolution mask method and also fitting with the circle and polynomial equations. So, the contact angle measurement panel includes: 1. Mask method: the fully automatic contact angle measurement, 2. Fitting: includes: a. Circle b. Polynomial: user can change the polynomial order. Regarding our studies, the optimum polynomial order for superhydrophilic droplets is two and for the rest of the droplets is Three. So, it is recommended to do not to change the polynomial order. After choosing the contact point identification and contact angle measurement methods, push the RUN button to find the results in the Result panel. In addition, the magnified images of the left and right contact areas are presented there. The drop contour line and the contact points have been shown with blue and red markers on the image, respectively. It is possible to save the contact angle data, as well as the left and right contact area images by pushing the corresponding push buttons. This software is developed in SEFILAB at the Department of Materials science, University of Milano-Bicocca, and is available at the UNIMIB repository ( This repository will be updated by the new modified versions of the software.
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  • ODMR_pentacene_picene_single_crystal
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  • Data for: Contrast sensitivity and visual acuity with multifocal contact lenses with high additions dedicated for myopia progression control
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  • Data for: An empirical model of the sunlight bleaching efficiency of brick surfaces
    Supplementary Data: pages 2-12: daily mean global radiation (column 3, W/m2) pages 13-23: daily mean relative humidity (column 3, %) pages 24-34: daily mean global temperature (column 3, °C)
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  • Dataset of the publication "Halide Perovskites as Disposable Epitaxial Templates for the Phase-Selective Synthesis of Lead Sulfochloride Nanocrystals"
    This dataset provides the raw data associated with the publication "Halide Perovskites as Disposable Epitaxial Templates for the Phase-Selective Synthesis of Lead Sulfochloride Nanocrystals".It contains: A readme file meant to help the user navigate the database The raw data associated with all the plots and charts found in the Main Text and in the Supplementary information. The raw data collected during the 3D electron diffraction experiments on Pb3S2Cl2 Nanocrystals. The CIF files of all the crystal structures refined in the work An atomistic model of the Pb4S3Cl2/CsPbCl3 interface, which can be visualized with the freeware software Vesta.
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