Boundary surfaces and Hydraulic parameters of a 3D large scale FEM numerical model in the Milan City area (northern Italy)

Published: 2 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mc5v37t425.1
Alberto Previati,


In this folder are stored the data used in the Data in Brief article "Hydro-stratigraphic datasets for the reconstruction of a large scale 3D FEM numerical model in the Milan metropolitan area (northern Italy)" (Previati A., et al., 2020). 1. "SHP" folder contains the side boundaries of the model (Model_Domain.shp), the top and bottom boundaries (Ground_Surface_Elevation.shp, Model_Bottom.shp), the limit surface (Phreatic_Aquifer_Bottom.shp) between the shallow phreatic and the lower semi-confined aquifers and the hydraulic head isolines as on 2016 (Hydraulic_head_Isolines.shp). 2. "3DFEM_Mesh_Parameters.txt" contains the location (X, Y, Z Coordinate system EPSG:3003) of the mesh nodes and the associated parameters (hydraulic conductivity and porosity) as well as the grain size class, the aquifer system and the depositional system (see the associated article for a detailed description).



University of Milano–Bicocca


Hydrogeology, Numerical Modeling