ENRICH: multi-purposE dataset for beNchmaRking In Computer vision and pHotogrammetry

Published: 13 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/md7f7c5pzn.1


A new synthetic, multi-purpose dataset - called ENRICH - for testing photogrammetric and computer vision algorithms. Compared to existing datasets, ENRICH offers higher resolution images also rendered with different lighting conditions, camera orientation, scales, and field of view. Specifically, ENRICH is composed of three sub-datasets: ENRICH-Aerial, ENRICH-Square, and ENRICH-Statue, each exhibiting different characteristics. The proposed dataset is useful for several photogrammetry and computer vision-related tasks, such as the evaluation of hand-crafted and deep learning-based local features, effects of ground control points (GCPs) configuration on the 3D accuracy, and monocular depth estimation. Each zip file in the root is relative to a specific dataset: - ENRICH-Aerial, is an aerial image block of the city of Launceston, Australia. The acquisition is performed by simulating a typical oblique aerial camera with five views (nadir and four oblique views). - ENRICH-Square, is a ground-level dataset of a square captured by four cameras, each one moving on a different path with different focal length, orientation, and lighting conditions. - ENRICH-Statue, is a ground-level dataset portraying a statue (placed in the center of the ENRICH-Square scene), acquired using four cameras moving on different paths with different focal lengths, orientations, and lighting conditions. Be sure to check the README file in the dataset root for information on folder structure and file contents. Please refer to the related paper (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.isprsjprs.2023.03.002) for information about the generation method and the purpose of ENRICH.



University of Milano-Bicocca, Fondazione Bruno Kessler 3DOM Research Unit


Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication


Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, 3D Analysis, Synthetic Image, Depth Image Analysis, Benchmarking, Photogrammetry, Features Detection, Image Matching